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Syndicated Research

Market Research at its core gathers information and analyses external influences on an industry which includes important components like customer behavior, trends, market data (market share, market size, growth, and forecast), economic data, and brand positioning. Market research services provided are worthless unless it is transformed into knowledge and actionable insights that works to move you ahead. At digitGaps, our syndicated market research services will help you provide overall market insights to assist your businesses with market strategy, competitive intelligence and brand positioning.  Our market research reports will give you understanding beyond the size of the population and spend in any market on macro level trends. By utilizing qualitative and quantitative approaches among relevant stakeholders and key opinion leaders, digitGaps delivers you actionable in depth insights based on solid and reliable research.

Our fact- based, extensively researched strategic syndicated studies, makes digitGaps a research partner of choice among our clients. Our study for syndicated research starts with the extensive secondary/desk research in order to assess current market dynamics and competitive environment. Desk research is followed by exploratory qualitative research to uncover new trends depending upon the desk research findings and validate assumptions. After finding these insights providing strong foundation, our project team designs and conducts detailed quantitative research to in order to provide reliable and fact-based perspectives. Our final qualitative validation phase among key stake holders and key opinion leaders corroborates key finding and provides forward-looking actionable insights.

digitGaps uniqueness lies in alliance with our customers. We offer our clients the ability to partner with us on the scope and designing of these research offerings. Our team’s flexible approach makes sure to add proprietary questions to meet specific needs of our clients.

digitGaps has mastered the art of providing robust and deep actionable insights  on a number of markets, key opinion leaders, stakeholders, and business issues.

Why digitGaps for your Syndicated Research Needs?

  • Our ability to robust exploration of key topics and audiences that are most influential in most of the markets
  • Our way of utilizing qualitative and quantitative approach among relevant stake holders and KOLs
  • Collaboration with our customers to meet their specific needs
  • Deeper proprietary method which makes our syndicated reports different and better than other reports

Following are the typical topics generally covered under our strategic syndicated research offerings:

  • Multi-Client Market Intelligence Reports
  • Market Estimates and Forecasts
  • Opportunity Analysis
  • Entry Strategies
  • Market Positioning
  • Competitive Landscape and Positioning
  • Product Positioning
  • Market Assessment and Feasibility Studies
  • Management Executive Summaries