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Competitive Intelligence

Even if Market Research and Competitive Intelligence are two different disciplines, yet they share the same end goal i.e. providing reliable information to support business decision making process.  Competitive Intelligence is extremely important in a globalized world, where competitors enter from almost any part of the world and from time to time, new competitors appear from one day to another. Disrupting business models tear industries apart and create new ones. It’s a new economy and a new world.

As said even if businesses in today’s time operate in a way that everything is more readily available and publicly available than ever before, due to the development of internet, information on market trends, customers, suppliers, legislation’s, distributors, product development and every other topic is available, still despite this trend it is often that the most valuable information cannot be found online. This is where Competitive Intelligence plays an important role. Generally, most information users are the most difficult type of information to acquire. Hence, collecting such information requires help of an expert market intelligence consultant, who gathers information from the competitors and other reliable and trusted sources. In other words, whilst general information is often available freely, information that is sufficiently specific, validated, trusted and well presented to be of a real use to decision-makers, often requires a specialist market research and intelligence provider.

Businesses are always curious to know about their competitor’s movement’s day-on-day. Therefore, the competitor actions are critical for any business to grow and become successful. It is very important for all the businesses to keep up the pace with competitors activities.

digitGaps is well poised to offer you strategic competitive services. We provide customized competitive intelligence service as per your research needs. The scope involves analysis of quantitative measure primarily focused more on qualitative information that quantitative market research data. Our team scans tracks and analyzes the market, competitor news and information which are available through both open and paid sources (subscription) as well as by interviewing key experts.

In addition, we possess extensive expertise in providing Market Intelligence, where we blend our market research expertise along with competitive intelligence to render better information on strategic business topics such as market entry or market opportunity.

Competitive Intelligence Solutions:

  • Product Positioning
  • Market Audits
  • New Products and Offerings
  • Financial Analysis
  • Acquisition screening
  • Market Share on Sales (value and volume)
  • Competitors Profiles
  • Pricing and Channels
  • Primary Data Gathering
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Legislative Tracking
  • Research and Development
  • Industry Assessment
  • Emerging Markets
  • Social Media Listening
  • Promotions and Partnerships

Some of the key monitoring areas we deal:

  • Regulations
  • Government Policies
  • Emerging Market Opportunities
  • Economic Trends
  • Industry Updates
  • Promotions and Partnerships