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The retail industry is comprised of individuals as well as companies that are engaged in the selling of finished products to end user consumers. Total retail stores; worldwide were more than $28 trillion in 2016. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, total annual U.S retail sales have increased an average of 4.5% between 1993 and 2015. Customers play a significant role in the retail industry. With the advancement of the technology, the tech-savvy consumers are switching from just calling and messaging to buy products online via their mobile device worldwide. The consumers can view the products which are displayed in the stores on their mobiles.

The retail industry is a lucrative industry and digitGaps reports on retail industry vary from comprehensive, global analyses to country by country snapshots. We also provide our customers with historical data, market forecasts and market insights on current opportunities and risks facing the retail industry. We have many publications focusing on e-commerce as well as extensive coverage of sub categories such as retail, travel, and tourism as well as Hotels. Our retail category reports provide essential information on consumer attitudes and behavior as well as the top emerging markets within the retail sector. Our information on key issues and trends that are shaping the retail industry globally allows our customers to identify pan effective counter strategies as well as the key players. Our retail market research reports provide insights into the future direction of local as well as global markets; it helps our customers identify the growth sectors and factors that are driving change. Our research reports are focused on supermarkets, convenience stores, discount retail, as well as drug stores and pharmacy and forecourt and service station.

digitGaps’ premier syndicated Retail market research reports databases provides detailed data and analysis on industries, economies, countries and consumers across 200 countries and 23 industries.  With our reports our clients gain an intimate look at consumer attitudes, behaviors and trends and their impact on the global and local marketplace now and in the future. Our dedicated research team examines products and trends, authenticates data with trade sources and discusses future opportunities with Key Industry Experts (KIEs), Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) and Advisory Board building upon our international research network of unbiased analysis.

digitGaps comprehensive market research reports include analyzing market sizing, market opportunities, evaluating the key drivers, challenges, and opportunities. We also bring expertise in analyzing the costs, pricing, and forecasting. There is a dedicated team for competitive analysis in Retail sector on a regular basis. Our reports are the result of the elaborate study of the sector and its major players sourced from exclusive primary research (qualitative and quantitative research), proprietary databases which help us to deliver precise and authentic information about key industry trends and competitive intelligence which helps our clients to be well informed and enable them with informed decision-making.

Whatever your sector is, you can tap into the latest market data such as market size, supply and demand, and growth areas, forecasts, industry news, national and regional market analysis, key players, and much more. Build your company’s success with the latest Retail market intelligence. digitGaps’ is an expert in market sizing, market forecasting and evaluating the impact of technology and trends in your industry. Our reports offer instant access to industry-leading market data and this expertise.

digitGaps each report gives you, company intelligence and analysis of customers or providers to each market,  qualitative and quantitative market forecasts by region, forward forecasting of key enabling technologies, technology and end-use market, market analysis by region, technology, and end-use sector. Our reports are aimed at Investors, VPs, Decision Makers, Marketing Managers, Product Managers, Consultants, Analysts, Brand owners or Retailers, Raw Material Suppliers, Technology providers, Suppliers of equipment and machinery and Specialist players in each industry. Our reports enable you to employ a detailed breakdown of market sizes to plan future strategy with confidence, Identify new business opportunities using quantitative market forecasts and understand the real effects of key market drivers upon your business.