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Qualitative Research

digitGaps always strives to provide the most innovative and output focused qualitative research solutions to our customers. Our team creates a research methodology based on the questions you want to be answered. digitGaps in-house qualitative research team has the ability to drive game-changing ideas and strategies to help our clients. Our team exactly knows how to forge connections with respondents. We encourage the respondents to reveal the real reason behind their behavior.

Our qualitative offerings include online and offline focus groups, in-depth interviews, Secondary research/ desk research targeting different markets across the globe including America, Europe, Asia, Africa.

Qualitative Research Methods

We provide a comfortable and safe environment to our consumers to communicate their thoughts and feelings for a highly engaging exercise to cater in-person focus groups and IDIs (groups, dyad, triads, and one-on-ones). Through our focus group discussions and In-depth interviews our customers get many benefits like to see and feel the consumer’s visceral reactions, thoughts, and opinions, identification of needs, wants and desires of consumers through verbal and non-verbal communication. Our focus group discussions and IDI’s provide an opportunity to our consumers to build off each other’s thoughts. Our way of utilization of psychologically based techniques that enhances the richness of insights. Our services of In-depth Interviews and in-person focus groups are ideal for concept exploration, new packaging exploration, Advertising and copy evaluation, marketing communication evaluation and new product testing/usage.

Our ethnographic research services are observational techniques with interviewing. Ethnographic research techniques enable us to observe consumer’s behavior in the non-facility environment as providing a more natural setting that allow the consumer’s to simply be themselves. At digitGaps, we achieve this non-facility environment through lifestyle immersions, in-home videos, pre-interview journals and friendship networks. The benefit of ethnographic research is that we can uncover the insights that respondents might not have shared in in-depth interviews and focus groups format. With ethnographic research, we can actually observe to see how a particular product or a service is used in practice. This exercise offers in-depth and relevant information which can be a treasure when it comes to new product development or help improve existing product or a service.  We develop a blended approach with online ethnographic tools and field observation; depending upon our client’s needs we combine in-depth questioning through focus groups or in-depth interviews.

Lifestyle Immersions enable immersions into consumer’s world through attendance of events that are related to one’s lifestyle like family gatherings, parties etc. This method helps us get an uninterrupted observation of consumer’s behavior’s and attitudes.

In-home videos help us catch moments not seen in person. This method enables the digitGaps team to ask a more probing question.

To capture participant’s voice pre-interview journals participant driven insights with written content and style. Long-term engagement with the same participants can be maintained with this method.

The ethnographic research method is ideal for product and package testing, understanding your consumer’s wants, needs, and desires. This method also helps in Ad campaign development and testing as well as website development and new product development.  The ethnographic research method is the ideal solution for uncovering consumer’s attitude and behavior.

To provide our customers with virtual solutions that can be customized as per their needs and expectations, our online and mobile design offers efficient and relevant approach to qualitative research. To access a broader and more diverse and active market, our online and mobile approaches are a blend of technology based qualitative techniques.

  • Online Focus Groups and IDIs: With the help of online focus groups and IDIs, we get access to individuals who are difficult to reach with no geographic limitations. When compared to a traditional approach of research; this method provides most cost efficient model.
  • Bulletin Boards and Panels: This method is ideal for sensitive topics and allows the deepest feedback similar to online focus groups. Simplified scheduling through its asynchronous format which leads to more cost effective model.
  • Mobile Qualitative: With this method, we can obtain in the moment feedback with a large audience. We can also obtain real-time feedback to see into consumer’s lives through photo, video, and text. Mobile qualitative approaches capture candid feedback which driven by swift and casual nature of the approach.

With digital diaries, our customers can collect participant driven content that showcases a consumers’ perspective and voice. Through both text and media; digital diaries allow easy feedback communication. For long term engagement with the same participants, this is the ideal approach.

Online and mobile approaches are ideal for Ad campaign testing, concept evaluation, and development, product testing, purchase consideration as well as for website development and usability testing. This approach can also help with attitudes and behavior tracking.

digitGaps has varied online panels of consumers, Healthcare and B2B panels across NA, APAC, EMEA, and LATAM region. The digitGaps total panel comprises over 3 million panelists. The panel is authenticated with strict quality checkpoints. All the panelists are verified via telephone, ID, digital fingerprint and email as per the information provided by them.

We conduct research in accordance with ESOMAR and CASRO Code of Conduct. We strictly ensure the privacy of all our panelists and never sell the details to any third party.