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Payment Modes

All fees should be paid as per the payment terms mentioned in the order/checkout page. All orders would be cancelled if the transaction seems fraudulent as per our fraudulent detection tools. In case the full payment has not been received, digitGaps has the discretion to cancel the report delivery.

  • The type of product (information) sold by digitGaps is in a digital format. In such a case, all the orders once placed or processed are deemed final and the company cannot accept any requests for returns once the product has been ordered, or dispatched either electronically or physically.
  • digitGaps research reports are market, industry and company information and analyses transmitted in a digital format i.e. via email. Due to the digital nature of digitGaps products, we cannot grant a refund once the report has been dispatched electronically or physically. However, if the data is missing, incomplete, or differs from what was originally agreed between digitGaps and the user/buyer, digitGaps will provide free limited customization on the report in question.

digitGaps shall exercise the right to ensure the users’ compliance with the License Terms. In case any non-compliance on is detected in relation to any report(s) purchased, digitGaps may, in its sole discretion, may initiate the following:

  • Upgrade the relevant license or modify the scope to bring it into compliance
  • Invoice you with additional fees that have arisen due to change of the scope of the license terms.