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Market Sizing, Market Entry, and Demand Forecasting

digitGaps strategy services help our clients uncover new business opportunities. We also help our clients identify and evaluate new business opportunities to enter new markets. We are a pioneer in predicting, recognizing and managing competitive threats and opportunities for our clients in their respective industries. Any business to make it the success it’s very important to understand your total and addressable market size underlies with respect to the key strategic choices, mergers and acquisitions, marketing and pricing strategy and market entry and exit. Knowing the applications and industries where new technologies will enter or assess how existing and new technologies will evolve and compete over time is vital for the companies.

Our experts at digitGaps synthesize the information from primary research studies, syndicated reports, secondary data, and social media intelligence, internal data, and industry experts and other sources to provide a complete picture of your market.

digitGaps gathers the market data first and then we carry out a consultation about the industry and perception surveys focusing on current and historical values and volumes. We use analysis and market modeling to provide reliable short-term and long-term forecasts. We are a pioneer in determining the market sizes based on credible information as we have an understanding of niche and difficult markets which are not very easy to access. digitGaps have completed several market sizing projects for our hundreds of customers across industries including Healthcare, Oil and Energy (especially for services, equipment manufacturers, and engineering firms) , Construction, Food and Beverages, Retail industry.

Entering a new market is generally a difficult decision but if it is handled cleverly it could result in significant long-term gains for any organization. digitGaps experts help you develop a custom market entry strategy through data-driven target market analysis. digitGaps experience in analyzing niche markets across industries enables us to deliver valuable commercial advice to our customers on their business prospects in a target market. In our market analysis, we include key elements such as market size and structure, geographic segmentation of the market. The strength of the competition, buyer preferences and characteristics are also taken into consideration. The overall market potential of the client with its skill sets and offerings is reviewed including their own strengths and weaknesses.

With various research methodologies to reach credible demand forecast, we determine the value and volume across the industries and market segments. We use a combination of modeling approaches to building our forecast and sense-check these through supplementary primary research. For pricing and forecasting, we create a balanced and reliable forecast of business value and volume of its product and services. We use our in-house databases and conduct primary as well as secondary research to obtain supply side indicators which allow us to draw conclusions.