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As organizations find new ways to communicate with their customers, it becomes imperative to measure the return on marketing dollars spent at various levels (channel, product, region, etc.). digitGaps offers an array of services to help you analyze and measure the effectiveness of your marketing initiatives.

As one of the oldest analytics applications in marketing sciences, we help you to evaluate the return on investment (ROI) and optimum allocation of your marketing budget. We can also help you to simulate and forecast sales. With the advent of new age media data (like web data) and the need for quick market reactions, the use of traditional regression-based approach is no longer appropriate. We have developed a proprietary solution that incorporates all forms of granular media and marketing data, and deploys various techniques which allow for more accurate and faster market mix models.

We map and define different pricing options considering various external and internal drivers of sales and profitability. We also develop a pricing simulator through which various pricing scenarios can be evaluated on an interactive basis.

We effectively channel the available marketing resources to ensure maximum returns on your promotional activities. We can not only help optimize the promotions based on historical performance, but also reduce leakages during the promotion campaigns.