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Eye Tracking

Eye tracking is a sensory tool that enables us to understand exactly where the customers are looking or where exactly their eyes are focused. In this way, you can determine the presence, focus, attention, consciousness, drowsiness, or other mental states. This information gained by Eye Tracking can be used to gain in-depth insights into consumer behavior or/and to design revolutionary new user interfaces. Eye tracking can also help us getting new insights regarding consumer decision making, based on their subconscious behavior. Eye tracking can help us in knowing what exactly catches the eyes, and what doesn’t.

With eye tracking, you can discover where a participant looked, if they did or did not look at something, how long the participants looked at it, what attracted their attention and if the participants they cognitively processed what they saw.

Depending upon the area of greatest interest on a pack, revealing what is seen and what is unseen ‘heat map’ indication can be created. Eye tracking can analyze the impact of a product within a category, the optimal location of a pack within a display, the optimal number of facings. At digitGaps, we use the latest mobile and static eye technology so that Eye tracking can be done successfully in various situations. Our Eye tracking approach is particularly helpful for brand communications and packaging, as well as for promotional and exhibition material, shopping behavior. Eye tracking can also help us get insights on everyday tasks such as online activities, watching television or driving.