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Due Diligence

Due Diligence is a process of evaluating a target by reference to its market and if the company is positioned to succeed. Due diligence is intended for mergers and acquisitions to validate the decisions and minimize the risk. In our due diligence reports, we consider the key factors like macroeconomic influences, market conditions, and outlook, regulatory environment, industry structure, competitive benchmarking and relationships with suppliers and customers. Due diligence helps us in obtaining sufficient and reliable information about the proposed acquisition and uncover the facts and circumstances or set of conditions which would have a reasonable likelihood of influencing the decision to acquire the business.

Due to diligence can be used specifically to gauge the overall health of the acquired company’s customer database in order to understand how satisfied their customers are or will the customer spending with the company will increase or decrease in the future. Due to diligence can also be used to forecast growth and size the market, i.e. if the acquisition is driven by expectations and growth how soon and quickly growth is likely to occur. It can also help in identifying the risks regarding the impact of the change in ownership on the customers. Companies who are seeking objectivity in strategic decision making and increased rigor consider primary data with due diligence.