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Desk Research

Desk research which is generally referred as secondary research encompasses the investigation of the data that has already been collected from, for instance, free and paid subscribed sources. digitGaps recommends secondary research during the preliminary stages of the research to determine what we have known already and what new data are required. digitGaps desk research capabilities have derived real business benefit to many our clients from NA, APAC, EMEA, and LATAM region.

digitGaps desk research services provide an analytical report that includes a summary of research results in addition to the statistical database. Our research findings allow us to provide our clients with business recommendations. To evaluate our customer’s new concept offer we use SWOT and PEST analysis and other tools. digitGaps also identifies the drivers, barriers and unmet need to market entry related to the new concept of our customers. Our optimal communication strategy description guides our customers to increase their sales and adapt it to the customer’s needs.

digitGaps have tailored approach towards our customer’s desk research requirements which comprises of searching for information like internal database, existing sources, press release, analytical reports and statistical publications.