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Custom research is tailored and optimized in a unique way to meet our customer’s specific needs. Most of the times the information our customers are looking for is not readily available in an off-the-shelf market research publication. digitGaps custom research services are customer driven. These services are used by our customers to uncover opportunities that are hidden. Also, custom research services help our clients to validate a proposition in a given market. Custom research can be very detailed and can be defined as a macro level. For e.g. scope the iOS and Android mobile app market in the Asia Pacific and South East Asia. digitGaps has delivered solutions to complex custom research challenges for a wide range of clients from Fortune 500 companies.


Our global team of highly qualified analysts is distinctive in its ability in developing creative approaches to gather, analyze and synthesize market. Our team has a unique approach to collecting and analyzing the customer and competitive insights and data to reach challenging tasks while we do not set any unrealistic expectations. Our team seeks to add value at every step of the process, from initial dialogue through final deliverable.

Under our on-demand custom research service model, we work with the client who wants full service and who are looking for outsourcing the entire market study. Generally, under such research requests, studies are typically about market intelligence, competitive intelligence, market sizing, market growth and forecasts, opportunity assessment, supply chain and distribution strategy, regulatory environment, and benchmarking studies and so forth. These studies are determined by the complexity of the study and effort estimation required for entire primary and secondary data, company profiles, data analysis, industry profiles and report writing. Our business research (B2B research) services assist our clients in fulfilling their strategic needs.

Our custom research services can help you in following types of engagements:

Companies who are planning to enter or expand in new geographic markets or introducing new services often lack the detailed market knowledge they require to build their business move successful. digitGaps helps them to find out answers to the questions such as:

  • How strong is the demand for the service they are offering?
  • How fierce is the competition?
  • Local market conditions in order to product be adapted
  • Price Sensitivity

At digitGaps, we provide market metrics and forecasts that serve as industry benchmark for broadly defined markets. Many companies seek nuanced market assessment which focuses specifically on their geographic markets and service offerings. digitGaps work with service providers to develop market sizing estimates and forecasts tailored to their specific needs.

digitGaps has been a trusted source of objective pricing data. Whenever clients require more specific data, we draw on our market knowledge and extensive panel of industry leaders, advisory board, advocacy groups, KOLs to deliver customized pricing intelligence about service types and market segment we can’t address in our off the shelf research.

Investment decisions made without clear understanding of their rewards and risks are little more than bets. We provide investors and companies with the detailed market knowledge and insights they need to evaluate opportunities.

At digitGaps we help companies, and entrepreneurs to prepare sound businesses plans and obtain funding from companies and investors. We support in business case development by providing assessment and projections of the market size, share, competitive environment, prices, and growth. We also help our client in making strategic decisions such as Mergers and Acquisition (M&A) target identification and evaluations.

We have a stand-out record of successfully delivering qualitative research insights to support business decisions with deep-dive competitor analysis.

Bespoke Research process:

  • Salary surveys:

    A salary survey helps our clients to establish market rates across the functions, regions or markets. We have helped clients to pinpoint competitive salary to inform appropriate approaches for executive search, advertised salary ranges or wider internal reviews.

  • Market review:

    A market review is an invaluable tool in assessing on-going employment strategies for new ventures or existing operations. Our experts help to define the pool of talent with the range of incentives that are required to attract credible executives to senior roles.

  • Due diligence:

    digitGaps has contributed to due-diligence initiatives for clients considering merger and acquisitions and equity companies. Our research expertise and networks of high-level contacts give us the access required to help inform strategic business decisions.

Our approach is simple but highly effective based on:

  • Understanding the strategic plan
  • Understanding and reviewing gaps and risks in internal succession
  • Understanding the corporate culture
  • To identify the key competencies of next generation leaders
  • Benchmarking internal vs. external talent

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