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Competitive information is more readily available than ever before. You can find endless information on any subject online in an instant through various trusted sources. Yet the information that is most valuable to you and your business cannot be found on a Google search. Acquiring this information requires a lot more intelligence and assistance from experts.

Information is everywhere. Intelligence is harder to come by

From strategic overviews of your business’s competitive environment through to specific competitor profiles, digitGaps tailored Competitive Intelligence Research is designed to meet your unique needs and include:

  • Press analysis – using news aggregators, databases and journal subscriptions
  • Journals
  • Publications
  • Syndicated/Financial Analyst reports
  • Competitor pricing research
  • Competitor interviews
  • Customer interviews
  • Interviews with suppliers, distributors, and associations
  • Interviews with high-level industry experts
  • Collating information observed on the ground by sales teams, account managers and other internal personnel
  • Company website analysis

Competitor intelligence studies

Our Competitor Intelligence Studies provides you with a comprehensive outline of the competitive environment in which your business operates, as well as detailed competitor profiles, covering topics such as:

  • Company characteristics
  • Investment plans
  • Product pipeline
  • Views on supplier performance
  • Marketing strategies
  • Strategic direction
  • Financial data
  • Expansion records and plans

The right strategy, the right solutions

Our bespoke Competitive Business Intelligence Research gives you the edge in a global marketplace by empowering your business to overcome industry challenges quickly and effectively and enabling you to realise your potential and achieve your vision.