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B2B Market Research


digitGaps is one of the few market research companies who has an ability to target difficult to reach business professionals. We have an experienced team with the expertise to guarantee our clients get B2B market research done that fits our client’s needs. digitGaps B2B market research panel includes pre-identified profiles including the size of employer, industry group, income level, job title, and influence on technology, marketing purchases and decision makers.

digitGaps specializes in obtaining the market information from key opinion people, business people, key influencers, industry experts, and customers as their opinion matters to our clients in order to gain detailed insights regarding their businesses. We help our clients in finding the market size and key segments of a target market also evaluate competition or understand how to better convey or tailor the offerings.

digitGaps works with customers across the industries in a variety of ways to find answers to marketing problems. Our approach to working with you in an interactive way is to ensure that the research conducted by us answers your questions you want answering for.

We ensure that our research collects the data in the right area so that we can define the problem correctly. It is important to know what are you trying to achieve and who are you trying to influence. Also to know how does the product works in technical attributes and who are your competitors. Most of the time our B2B clients do not have their internal market research department to help them to write a market research brief which outlines what you are trying to achieve from conducting market research. In such cases, we take up this role for you and ensure that research has clear objectives which provide you with the answers to your key questions.

Understanding technical products of our customers is something we have our expertise into as a key question that we are often asked is how deeply we understand their technical products while we are talking about it in front of their customers.

digitGaps will never just leave clients with the data that you have to interpret yourself, but we ensure that our clients are sure about what needs to be done moving forwards.