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Advertising Research


At digitGaps, our full range of advertising research solutions helps our client to make the best decisions. We assist you at each and every stage of the advertising development process to maximize the return on your advertising investment. In order to develop, evaluate and improve on your advertising efforts, we provide integrated insights to your advertisers which will help them, ultimately to build stronger brands. Our team at digitGaps will help you with advertising research product that will enable you to measure marketing brand equity. As well as it will assist you to optimize the touchpoints that connects your brand and consumers. We will also help you improve creative development for brand communications.

How do we conduct effective advertising market research?

When you have a clear expectation of the purpose of the advertisement, Advertisement Research works best for you. There are some advertisements which are designed to promote awareness, while others are designed to build a brand. Irrespective of the intent, it’s important to define the goal of the advertisement before running advertising research test.

Recall, Persuasions and Response are the three commonly performed ad tests.

It is important for the companies to know if their brand is memorable and if their customers will consider their products and services. To perform Recall Advertising Test, respondents are asked to see an ad and then they are asked to wait for the specific amount of time before being asked if they are able to recall a particular ad or a product.

To determine the effectiveness of an ad in changing attitude and intentions, Persuasion ad test is performed. Persuasion ad test assesses brand attitudes before and after the advertisement. In this test, respondents are first asked to answer a series of questions before seeing the proposed advertisement and then to take a second test to assess how their attitudes and intentions were changed.

In order to track how the advertisement performs in converting interest to action when performing response ad test, respondents receive an ad with a unique identifier. This helps the businesses that rely on click through and conversion rate to drive revenue.