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About digitGaps

digitGaps is market research, analytics and consulting firm offering custom and off-the-shelf market and competitive intelligence premium reports, serving clientele across Forbes Global 500. We conduct more than 1,500 research studies annually and delivering insights in more than 24 industry verticals.

For years, we have achieved tremendous success in helping clients make informed strategic decisions, through the provision of intelligently sourced research. Our research and consulting go beyond the traditional range of statistical, and company information to provide expert, and in-depth market analysis, analyzing and delivering high-quality insights, a valuable and relevant resource.

We specialize in qualitative and quantitative market research, analytics and consulting assignments across low and high growth markets. Being a major and emerging market specialist, we bring insights which are not just informative but actionable. By implementing stringent research methodologies backed up by our researchers, analyst and consultants experiences, we deliver precise, reliable, and impartial intelligence.

Our unrivalled range of business intelligence is always available online through off-the-shelf reports. Whether your company requires a better understanding of market conditions now and in the future, or whether you need a clearer picture of products and services performance, or you need to keep abreast of your competitor’s activity, a digitGaps suite of business intelligence reports will keep you ahead of the competition.

With the help of our proprietary panel of Key Decision Makers (KDMs), Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), Influencers, Industry Experts, Advisory Board, Advocacy Groups, Users as well as combined expertise of researchers, analysts and consultants, we provide high-quality, precise and transparent industry insight that helps our clients to achieve growth and increase business value.

We aggregate precision with innovation in our research and consulting solutions which ensure our clients to stay at the forefront of their markets by integrating analysis and precise market forecasts on the latest trends and developments.

Our culture is one of openness and honesty

We think and act strategically. We believe market research is about far more than collecting feedback, identifying the growth markets, and analyzing the drivers, barriers, and unmet need. We are ‘big-picture’ focused and believe that successful organizations are in line with their customers and markets. They do not rely on uninformed intuition, assumptions or following the crowd while making critical business decisions. They communicate efficiently and effectively across the right sectors, and for the right reasons, with the right strategy, maximizing return on their investment.

At digitGaps, our thought process merges theory and practice to form unique and real-world insights. Our researchers, analysts, and consultants work side by side with clients, gathering market intelligence and synthesizing and sharing it globally. Our cooperative approach yields critical insights, proprietary surveys, unique data and sophisticated tools and analysis that cannot easily be equalled. It’s one of the discrete advantages of working with digitGaps.

We always work in partnership with our clients, side by side, providing in-depth market insights that will lead to greater business success. We leverage our practice and experience to provide bespoke market research solutions that deliver real results. Through our tailored strategic market research and consulting services, we help organizations to align with their customers and markets by improving their ability to bring off change, preventing heavy investment and mistakes and providing them with a clear route to success.